<code>Adding / modifying page content:

admin > shop > pages > add new
admin > shop > pages > existing page

fill in the details as needed</code>

  • Once in the page scroll down to the 'Contents' box and enter your text
  • Finally hit 'Save' in the top right hand corner

to assign a page to the top menu bar:

  • click on the menu tab
  • select 'TOP'
  • click save
  • click 'update online shop' to re-generate your menus

to assign a page as a 'child' of another page (eg as a sub-item on a dropdown menu)

  • pick the name of the page you would like the current page to appear under
  • you can do this from the 'level' selector box on the left

* Pages can only be children of pages - they cannot be assigned to categories or brands *