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Admin > Shop > Brands


To add a new brand click the + button.

To edit an existing brand, select the pencil next to the brand ID.


  • Name: Name as it appears in the brand menu and in the url string
  • H1: H1 tag text for use in the brand page
  • Live: Automatically set if brand has products in it
  • Top level: Tick if this is a top level brand
  • Level: Determines where in the menu a child page lies.
  • Thumbnail2: Image for the brand as it appears in other brand pages
  • Banner: Banner image for brand
  • Landing Text: Main brand landing text

info tab:

  • Page title: Meta title tag
  • Page keywords: Meta keywords
  • Page description: Meta description
  • url - override the string in the url with the value in this box


Top level brands are those which are shown in the top menu bar on the website.

To make a brand appear in a dropdown menu then select the brand you wish it to appear under in the 'level' selector drop-down.