Documentation for Woocommerce is best viewed on the woocommerce site:

Order Status

New - when the user moves between the basket and the payment gateway the order is set to new

Cancelled - when the user fails to pay, or when the payment gateway replies with an “unsuccessful” transaction - eg insufficient funds in the customer's account

Processing - when a payment request has been taken, but the payment gateway has yet to respond

Complete - when the payment gateway has responded that the transaction was successful

Refunded - manually set against the orders to keep your records correct

Invoice - this status isn’t used, as you’ll be sending invoices manually - this status sends a woo-commerce invoice to the customer via email

For ‘On Hold’ orders (orders paid by the invoice payment method), an email is sent and the order is marked as On-Hold - this will stay until the status is manually changed (eg if you set it as cancelled, or complete)

Order Email Notifications

Orders have to be marked as complete for the user to get their credentials and for meidahow to be notified that the users have access to the courses.

Emails are sent to the admins when orders are marked as ‘New’

Emails are sent to customers when orders are marked as ‘COMPLETE’ or ‘ON HOLD’

  • Exact settings for this can be found in woocommerce > settings > emails’

An email can be triggered automatically by setting the order status to the corresponding value (eg to mark an order as complete and send the order complete email)

In woocoomerce > orders

Select the dropdown box for order status

Pick the corresponding order status

Click save.

You can also send an email without changing the order status from the ‘action’ dropdown on the right hand side of the order screen

Woocommerce > orders

Select the dropdown for ‘Action’

Pick the action (eg ‘Order Completed’)

Click the arrow next to the dropdown [ > ]

Discount Codes

to add a new code:

  • woocommerce > coupons > add new
  • fill out a name (code) for the coupon
  • go to 'coupon type' and pick % based (or value based) 
  • \enter a discount value (eg 10 for 10% or 15 for £15)
  • pick the coursepress category from the dropdown box at the bottom (or fill in the product id numbers, etc)
  • click save.

the coursepress category selector doesnt add all the product ids to the field, it adds the coursepress category number to the coupon, which is checked against the coursepress categories for the products in the basket when the coupon is added

Make a Product a 'Featured Product'

1. From the Dashboard click on 'Products'

2. Find the product(s) you want to make featured, using the search bar if necessary

3. Click the star on the bar to make it featured.