Adding / modifying a property:

admin > content > property > add new
admin > content > property > existing property

Property Info:
    required boxes:
        meta title,
        meta keywords,
        meta description
        - the gps coordinates will be populated automatically based on the postcode of the property
Property Details:
    here are the main details for the property
    address, name, sale price, images, etc

on the searchable dropdowns, if the option you require isnt present you can click the edit button to open a new tab
where you can add a new location / sector / filter - once added, you will have to refresh the page (its best to click the save button to save the current data, which refreshes the page for you)

Adding / modifying a Category / Location / Filter:

admin > content > category > add new
admin > content > filters > add new

fill in the:
level (where this item appears in the hierarchy, eg under locations or 'number of bedrooms')

click save

Adding / modifying a testimonial:

admin > promotions > adverts > add new
admin > promotions > adverts > existing testimonial

fill in the details
the category is testimonial

Adding / modifying page content:

admin > content > pages > add new
admin > content > pages > existing page

fill in the details as needed

note some pages are in content > system pages

Adding / modifying page top banner:

admin > promotion > slides > add new
admin > promotion > slides > existing slide

The top banners are controlled in the Slides section
upload an image using the upload button
fill in a name for the banner

select the page to add the slide to using the dropdown menu

Modifying Company details (address, phone number, social links, etc)

admin > tools > main configuration

edit the boxes as required

Email Subscribers:

email subscribers add their details to the front-end of the site, you can view email subscribers from the admin area:

in the admin quick-links, there is a link for 'email subscribers' - clicking on that link shows the list of subscribers. clicking on each subscriber shows their preferences