sharing passwords with adeogroup

At Adeo, Security is very high on our list of priorities. Inevitably though, we will require to log in to third party services you use (for example DNS services or Analytics Services)

Our preference is that you create us a user account, or that you allow for one of our acounts to access your services.
If this is unavailable (for example, the third party doesnt allow user account creation) then we will need ot know your username and password.

Please dont send them to us in emails - this is very insecure.

Instead, please use the following guide to securely transmit passwords to adeogroup using LastPass, a secure, free password manager.

1) download lastpass for your browser
2) enable lastpass on your browser
3) create a lastpass account
4) log in to the site you wish to share the credentials with adeo
5) save the account details in lastpass
6) go to your lastpass vault
7) click share with
8) enter the adeo addresses you wish to share these credentials with

This will allow us to log in to your account without being able to see what the password is.
It will also allow you to recind the share if you would like ot share the passwotds with us temporarily.