Adding Products.

Navigate to:

Admin > Shop > Products >

To add a new product click the + button.

To edit an existing product, select the pencil next to the product code.

  • Name: Name as it appears in the category page and in the url string
  • H1: H1 tag text for use in the category page and product page
  • Page title: Meta title tag
  • Short description: Short description
  • Page description: Meta description
  • Category:┬áThe category or categories the product belongs to
  • Live: Turn the product on / off
  • SKU: The product code
  • Barcode: The products UPC / EAN barcode
  • Manufacturer: The manufacturer of the product

Product Option Tab

Click [+ add new] to create a new product option

  • Quantity: Number of items in stock
  • Price: Price of the product (depending on shop configuration this may be including or excluding VAT)
  • BackOrder: Depending on your shop configuration you may be able to sell items even if you have no physical stock

Images Tab

  • Thumbnail: Image displayed on category page
  • Large Image: Image displayed on product page
  • extra large image: Images displayed in zoom feature

You may have other fields in each tab, depending on your customisations.
At a minimum, each product must have one option.

After adding products, please click 'Update Online Shop' to regenerate menus and search tables (otherwise products might not show as live)