Navigate to:

Admin > Shop > Categories

To add a new category click the + button.

To edit an existing category, select the pencil next to the category ID.

  • Name: Name as it appears in the category menu and in the url string
  • H1: H1 tag text for use in the category page
  • Page title: Meta title tag
  • Short description: Short description
  • Page description: Meta description
  • Top level: Tick if this is a top level category
  • Level: Determines where in the menu a child page lies.
  • Live: Automatically set if category has products in it or other categories that are live
  • Related category products: Promotional links for related products
  • Related category links: Promotional links to other categories
  • Banner: Banner image for category
  • Thumbnail: Image for the category as it appears in other category pages
  • Page keywords: Meta keywords
  • Long description: Main category landing text

Top level categories are those which are shown in the top menu bar on the website.

To make a category appear in a dropdown menu then select the category you wish it to appear under in the 'level' selector drop-down.

Click save to save the changes.

Categories will only appear in menus when the following conditions are met:

1) the category has live products in it (ie products with stock, or backorder set)

Category menus are not dynamic (ie they dont appear on their own) they have to be generated to appear in the menu system in your online shop.

To re-generate the category menus, click 'update online shop' in the black bar at the top of the admin section.