Adding or editing a homepage slide

Navigate to: Admin > Promotion > Slide

To add a new slide, click the 'Add New +' button.
To edit an existing slide, select the pencil icon beside the slide title.

Note: your system may contain additional fields if you have requested customisation. If you are unsure, please contact support. 

* Denotes required fields.

  • Title*:¬†identifies the slide and is displayed on the front end as a headline
  • Link: enter the location of the page you wish to link to; this can be a page on your site, a specific file on your site (e.g. a pdf), or a link to an external site. If linking to a page or document on your site, you should omit the domain name within the path, using only the forward slash onwards e.g.
  • Text:¬†additional text content, usually displayed as a paragraph below the headline
  • Image: the image associated with this slide; dimensions will vary depending on the site design
  • Live*: tick to enable, untick to disable.

Click the Save button to update any changes.