Adding a new Advert

Navigate to: Admin > Promotion > Advert

Note: your system may contain additional fields if you have requested customisation. If you are unsure, please contact support. 


* Denotes required fields.


Click on the Add New button.

  • Name*: identifies the advert; on some configurations the name is displayed as a headline/title on the front end
  • Target URL: enter the location of the page you wish to link to; this can be a page on your site, a specific file on your site (e.g. a pdf), or a link to an external site. If linking to a page or document on your site, you should omit the domain name within the path, using only the forward slash onwards e.g.
  • Text: additional text content; may not be present or shown in some configurations
  • Category*: assigns the advert to a predefined area on the front end; if you would like to change the position of an advert please contact support.
  • End date: set an expiry date for the advert so that it is no longer shown after the selected date
  • Flash width/height: required for swf (flash) files only.
  • Thumbnail: the image associated with the advert, dimensions will vary depending on the site design
  • Live*: tick to enable, untick to disable
  • New Window: tick to make the target URL open in a new browser window, untick to disable this feature

Click the Save button to update any changes.


Note: adverts are tied to session so you will need to log out of Redback after making changes or preview your site in a different web browser.