to add new users from the admin backend:

All Fields Listed are REQUIRED by the system.

1) goto admin > tools > users > add new

2) goto 'Info.' tab

  • fill out name
  • phone 
  • mobile
  • email

3) goto 'address' tab

  • fill out address line 1
  • address line 2
  • city
  • postcode / zip
  • state
  • country
4) goto 'System' tab
  • in username, enter their email address
  • in 'reset password' enter a password for the user
  • in account type pick admin, mod, supplier or wwwUser
  • tick the 'live' box

Email addresses are unique per user;

if the user already has an account in the system (eg from a frontend signup) then you will not be able to create the user again using the admin section

you will have to find the user in the tools > users list and modify their user level if needed.

See also: fixing user login problems