Adding a downloadable pdf to a product:

You can add a PDF to a product page if your design incorporates a download button on the front-end;

to do this, navigate to 

admin > shop > products > image / video

upload your PDF into the PDF upload box.

If your design doesn't have a 'pdf download' then you can still uplaod the pdf in the admin section, however the results on the front end might affect your product page layout in unexpected ways.

Adding PDF to a text page:

You can add a PDF by following these steps:

1. Click on the insert/edit link button

2. In the text to display box, enter the name of the link as you would like it to appear to users, 

 choose 'new window' from the target dropdown if you would like the pdf to appear in a new window or tab,

 click on the Select File button.

3. A file manager window will appear, click the Upload a file button

4. Either drag and drop the file directly into the window or click on the centre of the window, which will cause a dialogue to pop up.

5. Return to the files list and scroll down to find the file.

6. Click on the file to select it, which will return you to the Insert Link screen.

7. Click OK.