Navigate to:


Admin > Shop > Brands


To add a new brand click the + button.

To edit an existing brand, select the pencil next to the brand ID.


  • Name: Name as it appears in the brand menu and in the url string
  • H1: H1 tag text for use in the brand page
  • Live: Automatically set if brand has products in it
  • Top level: Tick if this is a top level brand
  • Level: Determines where in the menu a child page lies.
  • Thumbnail2: Image for the brand as it appears in other brand pages
  • Banner: Banner image for brand
  • Landing Text: Main brand landing text

info tab:

  • Page title: Meta title tag
  • Page keywords: Meta keywords
  • Page description: Meta description
  • url - override the string in the url with the value in this box


Top level brands are those which are shown in the top menu bar on the website.

To make a brand appear in a dropdown menu then select the brand you wish it to appear under in the 'level' selector drop-down.

To rearrange the order of the brands

By default they are all done alphabetically as the weight value of each brand is set to zero. You will need to go to admin->Shop->Brands and click on the brands and go to their info tab and set the weight of the brand. The lowest number being the first to show up and the highest number the last.

Example: if you have 20 brands you need to assign all 20 brands a weight value for the system to work properly. The brand that you want to be 1st you will assign number 1 to that. for 2nd place number 2 and so on so forth with the last one getting a value of 20.

In order for it to work properly all brands will need to be given a weight value. Make sure that you press save after assigning a weight value to each product. Once you are done assigning all values you need to go to the left-hand side menu and click on the gear icon and then click on the update online shop option. It will arrange the brands according to their weight value as mentioned above.