Adding products to a group

admin > shop > product group > add new

Type the product name into the long search bar.

The search is real-time, so product appear as you type more letters.

Click the 'add' button next to the product to add it to the group.

Repeat until all products have been added to the group.


Removing products from a group

admin > shop > products > select your product

Then go to the 'group' tab

Inside this will be one link (in red) for each group the product belongs to.

Click on the link to visit the product group and click 'remove' next to the product.

Changing how the Product Name Appears in the Dropdown

You might notice an issue that the name is not as descriptive as it needs to be, to allow better understanding.

admin>shop>products>select product>product options>name

Change the name to be more descriptive e.g. mention colour and size - green and Large

After making the required changes press 'save'