There are two ways that a users password can be reset using redback:

the first doesnt involve an administrator:

- the user can re-set their own password using the 'forgot password' link shown in the login screen underneath the login fields.

- the user enters their email address and an email will be sent with a link that allows the user to set a new password

- it is important that the user enters their correct email address, and that the email address is associated with their account.

- if the user doesn't receive an email then its possible that the email went to spam, or that the email address they entered isn't associated with a user account.

The second method involves an admin account

- log in to the admin area as your administrator account

- goto tools > users

- search for the user

- click to edit that user

- click on the 'system' tab

- enter a password for the user

- the password is not emailed to the user using this method, so the administrator will need to contact the user to inform them of their new password.

- it is good practice to ask the user to change their password when they first log in to the system using this method

** users will be unable to login if they have a large number of failed login attempts

- administrators can reset this from the system tab in the tools > user area

- users can reset this by logging in successfully, though the process may involve them entering their details, then entering their details for a second time along with a 'captcha'