If your site has the custom gift-cards feature, these instructions will help you set up gift-cards

Creating a gift-card product for customers to buy:

admin > shop > products > create new

pick 'type' of gift-card

pick 'template' of gift-card

fill in details as normal

- a gift-card needs a product option as a normal product

- a gift-cards monetary value can be set by the purchaser, but can also be specified by the store owner


to set a gift-cards value at £30

- add a new product option, and in the price column enter the value 25.00 [£10 minus VAT] (customers can pick their price for the gift-cards)

- add in a weight (e.g. 0.01) - the gift-card needs a price and a weight

to enable customers to set their own value

- add a product option, but set a price of 0.00


next, go to the 'gift-card set-up' tab

select various options for this gift-card product.

YOU MUST SELECT AN EMAIL - if not then users wont receive an email for their gift-card

- emails can be set-up in admin > promotion > email system

- or by clicking the edit button underneath the drop-down selector

**** LIVE should not be ticked against the email - this would mean that the email is sent to the buyer every day. ****


shipping cost - if the item has to have free shipping (e.g. a digital download)

- in the main product info tab, there is a field for


in this field , select the shipping override from the drop-down list