Bulk Price Editor

Adding a new Bulk Price Group

  admin > promotion > Bulk Prices

  add new

  fill in the boxes as you do with the discount codes

  eg select a brand and add 40 in the box next to the brand selector for 40% off all products in that brand [who arent already part of another bulk price group]

  click 'set prices'

  NOTE: products can only be part of one group at a time, but they arent excluded from the dropdown selectors

  if the product is already part of a bulk group (either as an individual product selection, or as part of a brand selection)

  then its prices wont be changed (there is no notification for this)

Reverting a Bulk Price Group

  admin > promotion > Bulk Prices

  click the group you want to revert prices

  click the revert prices button

  This will set all products in that group back to their original prices

  NOTE: deleting the group does not revert its prices.