An overview of the order process on Redback:

When a user places an order in redback it is set to status 'New' and its authorised flag is set to false (it is new, but payment is not authorised)

It appears in redback as a red line in admin > shop > all orders

When payment is confirmed by the payment gateway / bank the order status is set as 'New' and its 'authorised' flag updated to true (it is new and payment is authorised)

- This is usually instant when the customer enters their card information, but there can be a delay with paypal

- An email is then sent to the customer

- An email is sent to the BCC addresses in admin > promotion > email system > order confirm email

If an order isn't authorised 24 hours after it was placed, it is classed as abandoned (authorised stays false)

Separately, a process runs on the server every 10 or so minutes and creates an export file for all orders that are 'authorised' that haven't been sent to sage (all new authorised orders).

The order is marked as 'Open' (designating it as being processed by sage)

Periodically Data exchange will check the server for new orders to download.

If it finds any, it will download and process them.

Once an order is marked as shipped in sage, data exchange will upload (at its next upload) a dispatched file. Redback will process the file at its next import and will mark the order as 'Closed' and will set a 'shipped date' and any other information form sage. An email will be sent to the customer notifying them that their order has shipped.