Sharing Your Password with Adeo Group

There are situations where third-party software access is required by Adeo to provide solutions to their valued customers and clients. For example DNS services, analytics services, etc.

 In this matter security is very high on our priority list and we first of all suggest that you create us a user account allowing our technical staff to assist you.

If this option is unavailable in the case where the third-party does not allow user account creation then we will need to know your username and password.

As good practice we suggest you do not send them in emails as this is an insecure way and we do not recommend it. Instead you can use LastPass (a free and secure password manager) to transmit your login and password securely to Adeo group. You won’t have to disclose your password to us either, Lastpass will just allow us to access your account. Later on if you wish you can also rescind those rights and the account access.

The process below will guide you how to share your login credentials securely with Adeo using the Lastpass software.  Please note Lastpass is an extension that works with your browser.


B. If you are accessing the LastPass site for the first time it might ask you if you wish to use this for personal or business use after you click on Get LastPass Free.

C. In order to get the free version you will need to select the personal version otherwise they will only provide you with paid options. You will get the following screen once you select the Personal option:

D. Click ‘Sign Up – It’s Free’ under the Free option Tab. It will take you to the following screen:

E. Once you have created your account you will see a window similar to the one below

  • After this install LastPass and enable it on your browser and login using your Lastpass credentials.
  • Proceed and login to the site you whose credentials you wish to share with Adeo
  • LastPass will offer to save the login and password. Accept it and save the account details in LastPass.
  • Go to the LastPass vault please see the image below.

  • Select the website or account that you wish to share with Adeo group and on the lower bottom right of that account you will see the share icon. An example shown below.

This will open up a window similar to the one below:

  • Enter Adeo’s given email address (Please ask support regarding the email address if not given)          
  • Leave the allow recipient to view password box unchecked
  • Press the Share button.

This will allow us to log in to your account without being able to see what the password is.
It will also allow you to rescind the share if you would like to not share the password with us temporarily or permanently.