This guide will show you how to update the Top Suppliers carousel on resapol website. With this you can upload and change the logo/image of an already mentioned supplier and change the order in which they appear.

  • Login to the Redback admin system by entering in your given Username or email and password. You can access it by typing in or copying this:  in your browser.

  • After Logging in go to the admin section select Shops –> Brands as shown below

  • When the brands admin page opens up you will see a list of all the companies. These companies are listed from Sage. If a company whose logo you wish to upload or change is not present then you need to check from Sage.

  • In order to add the logo image click on the pen icon on the left-hand side of the company whose logo you wish to change or add. As an example we are going to take the first one there which is Weber.

5.After selecting the company you will see a screen similar to the one below.

    A. In order to load the image select on ‘Homepage Slide Image’. Make sure that the logo is 200 x 100 pixels as that is the standard so far, although a 140 x 140 pixel image can also be          uploaded it would look out of proportion with the rest of the company logos on the carousel.

    B. By default the image is set to show up on the carousel. If you wish to hide it you can select that by checking the box: ‘hide from homepage slider’.

    C. You also need to select a position for it. You can do that from the ‘Listing Weight Order’ area. By default the 1st position or first image on the left is set at 1000. With each consecutive logo image coming in at minus 1, meaning that the second image which is Sika has a weight of 999 and Ardex is at 998 and so on so forth. So for logo images weighting would be something like this 1000, 999,998,997,996,995… With a logo image having a weight of 1000 would be the first and each one after that would be 1 less. Please note if a logo position is already assigned such as for Ardex it is 998 you would need to first change that to another number and then assign the position 998 to the new logo.

    D. After you have done with uploading the image and assigning the position you need to press the ‘save’ button to make sure that the changes are saved.

You can check the results by first clearing the cache or by opening the website in a private or incognito window.