Vehicle Access Parking Permit (VAPP) Website and App

Downloading the App, Registering and Creating an Event


The following is a guide to show you how to navigate around the website and its many features.we first start off with the website and then in another article we will describe how you can work the app.the image below is the main screen of the website  


The main page:


When The Download Button is Clicked:

It shows a page like the one below with the android icon and he Apple icon, depending on your smartphone you can choose the app version that is suitable. 




When the Login Button is Pressed:

You will find a screen that looks like the one below, enter in your username and password to access the main dashboard. If you don't have a login and password you can use the register button on the Top right corner to register a new account. If you have forgotten your password you can do so by clicking the forgot your password button to retrieve your password.



When the registration button is pressed:

When you press the registration button you will see a screen similar to the one given below. Through this you can set up your team name. You can mention your name your email address set a password and confirm the password once you click on I accept the terms and conditions and press register your account. Then your account will be created and you will be taken to the dashboard.




The main dashboard:

The main dashboard will appear like the image given below. There are 2 main buttons on the main dashboard. one of them will take you to the vapps admin panel and the other will take you to the support desk for Adeo group in case you need help, have a suggestion, or wish to report a problem.

In order to know how you can make a support ticket on the support desk you can click on the link below which is a guide to the process.














The Vapp Admin Panel:

When you click on the VAPP admin panel button it will take you to a screen like the image below. ZAP admin panel is where you can create a new event register compounds create new users and also update an edit of apps and creative apps as well you can also view the notifications that you received via the app from your team mates that are there in the field. 




Event Page:

on the left-hand side, you'll see a menu if you click on the events it will open up a page similar to the one below. This is where you can register an event that you need the vapp for. You can click on the create event button to go to the create page where you will be able to give the details 



 Creating an Event:

On the creative event page, you'll be able to register the name of the event. you need to assign a 6-digit alphanumeric code that represents the event then you will need to mention the address the city the county if there is one and the country where this is taking place as well as the Postal code. You also have the option to mention any additional information that you deem is important and should be known by the rest of the team. If you are just going to add 1 event then you can press on the creative and button and it will create event otherwise if you have multiple events that you need to register you can press on to create and add another button to continue adding events.

The address field auto-populates as you enter in the address but since it takes up addresses from across the world it would be best to enter in the address manually if you don't find it there. 



Once the event has been registered and you press create event you will see a page similar to the one that you see    below. 



if you click the event link on the left hand side menu it will it will open up the events page again but this time you will see the event that you just created alongside that you will see options to Edit delete and view it. for reference you can see the image below