Vehicle Access Parking Permit (VAPP) Website and App

Adding and Updating a Compound


The Compound Page:













The Create Compound Page:

On the create compound page 1st we will select event and then you'll mention the name of the building most probably or if you have another name for the building such as a pseudonym you can mention that you have to mention the capacity of the building out like how many cars can be parked there. in the extra field you can enter in any other information which you feel is important. You have to give it a 6 digit alphanumeric code for this compound. And then you have to type in the address of where this compound is located. If you're just going to mention a single compound for the event where the cars will be parked you can just press on create compound otherwise if there are multiple compounds where the cars can be parked you can press on create and add another which will give you the option to add another compound.




Information filled:













After pressing the create compound button













If you press on the compounds link on the left-hand side menu once you've entered in all the information Regarding the compound, you will get to you will get an image like the one below. you can edit delete or view the compound.