Interact with Adeo


As our valued client, we have provided several channels through which you can get assistance. You can register complaints, give suggestions, or register website requests through our easy system. All of these options are handled through tickets, you can register on our Adeo Support Desk to send tickets or directly email us as well. To see the detailed process to register tickets please click here.

Besides this you also have the option of calling us, the number is 0141 218 4422 you can press 2 for support and our support agents will pick up your call.  In case no one is available you can leave your name, number, and message and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. Having said that our main point of contact and support is our ticket helpdesk.


We divide tickets according to their type and purpose. They each are handled differently.


Urgent tickets: 

Tickets that relate to the uptime of a website such as server issues or payment issue where payments are not being processed at checkout (other than for individual products) these are considered urgent tickets. All other tickets are classified as non-urgent and are processed on a first come first serve basis.


Bug fixes/ Support issues/ Feature or Change Requests 

Tickets are also separated into bugs, support, and feature/change requests.

Change requests are tickets where the owner requests a modification to a system. For example, you could request for an extra widget to be added to the home page. It could also be I request to add a new banner or brochure. Or maybe change the functionality of an existing feature.


Support issues are requests for instruction or maybe some sort of guide, for example, could be you'd like to be instructed on how to change the banner yourself or how to change the text in your blog how to add a new blog entry.


Bug fixes are determined by the development team and are usually in the form of there's a featured on our website we believe it's supposed to work this way but it's not working the way it's supposed to. Do the bespoke nature of redback systems bug requests are not infrequent. But in most cases, the request to address above actually falls underneath the support issue and the change request category an example could be that the user an infrequently used feature might request the feature to be changed as it is becoming more frequently used or user needs instruction in how the original feature was requested to behave.


For feature change requests, a quote may need to be given depending on the length of the work. All jobs will then need to be scheduled into the current workload.


Larger feature requests will be specced out and a sign off between the client and Adeo will take place before any work commences.



Once a ticket has been submitted it goes into our initial queue and is looked at by our support staff. You will receive an initial response to the ticket within 24 hours. The support staff will call you if more information is required or to inform you of the status of the ticket. Otherwise, most of the response will be done via the ticket/email.

After the initial response and gathering all required information the support staff will determine whether the ticket needs to be assigned to the Development team or the Design team. For fixes and requests that are related to the code, requests are sent to the Development team. Anything related to the overall look and design is sent to the Design team.


We hope you find this article useful, as always should you require further help or assistance regarding this or any of our other services please feel free to contact us.