The following video guide will show you what the fields on the CSV file represent and the important points that need to be followed to allow the VAPP to be imported smoothly, we have listed down the points. If you want a more detailed description please watch the video.

In order to upload in bulk go to the VAPPS page press on “Download CSV Template”:

Once the sheet is downloaded you need to fill in the required fields:

ID: This is the id of the VAPP, required to be entered if updating an existing VAPP - leave blank if creating new

event_code: is required and must exactly match the event code in the system (case-sensitive) (very important field make sure it is correct and matches exactly)

vehicle_Index_Number: This is a required field and is the license plate number of the car.(very important field make sure it is correct and matches exactly)

date_0f_issue: the date when the VAPPS was issued (very important field make sure it is correct and matches exactly)

valid_from: this is from when the VAPPS becomes active

valid_to: this is the date till the VAPPs is valid.

vapp_type: Lead by default, not a necessary field.

original_replacement: Is this car the original one that was registered or has it been replaced

driver_name: Name of the driver to be entered here

driver_phone: the driver’s phone number goes here.

vehicle_supply: is the vehicle supplied by a rent-a-car company or other govt department.

state_register: IF yes GBR

provisioned: field tells if the VAPP is printed or not it  is 0 by default; the value can be either 0 or 1, 0 = not printed, 1 = printed

vapp_print_type: the size of paper for print out, by default A4

vapp_vehicle_type: type of vehicle will be entered here

vapp_shape_type: the shape that has been assigned to the vapp vehicle

vapp_color_type: the colour type that has been assigned to the vapp vehicle shape

event_id: The event id of the event to be entered here (very important field make sure it is correct and matches exactly)

compound_id:  it is required please use the car park id here, if for all value is “all”

Once the sheet has been filled with all the required details and VAPPs save it with a relevant but unique name. After that, you can press on the "Import VAPPS" button on the VAPPS page from where you downloaded the template and it will allow you to browse and select the file you saved and it will automatically import it and the data. 

Please keep the following in mind:

1. The format must be followed you cannot make changes on the top row.

2. All required fields need to be filled they cannot be left blank unless specifically mentioned.

3. In Vapp shape make sure that you just mention the shape and not its colour. 

4. For adding multiple drivers you need to separate their names with a comma, they all need to be placed in the same cell.

5. The drivers' phone numbers need to be added respectively and separated with a comma.