To access the VAPPS page click on the vapps menu icon on the left-hand side menu as shown in the screenshot below, once you click that the page that will open will be similar to the page given below:

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The screenshots below will show what all the information on the screen represents.



How to Create A VAPP Manually and Bulk through .CSV file.

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Pressing create vapp opens the following page that will give you the required fields that need to be filled.

Fields Filled Example:

VAPP Fields Continued:


Select the date & time of issue, validity start date & time as well as expiration date & time. The following fields need to be filled up, make sure no field is left blank:

With Sample Date and Time filled:

Vehicle Information Fields:

Vehicle Information Fields filled with samples:

VAPP Additional Info Fields:

VAPP Additional Info fields filled:

If you are done with filling all the required information and would like to create another manual VAPP as well then click on ‘create & add another’ button otherwise to just create the one you filled press ‘create vapp’ button. Once you do that you will see a page something like the one given below that is a confirmation that the VAPP record has been added. From here you can print, delete or edit the vapp record if required. You can also move to the next previous or next record from the bottom.

Sample VAPP Record in List:

The record we entered is the one within the square box, it will be provisioned automatically once the record is printed.

To view the complete record, you can click on the ‘eye’ icon.

To edit the record, press the ‘notepad and pen’ icon. 

To delete the record, press on the ‘trashcan’ icon.

Bulk Uploading of VAP Records

To download the .csv template to allow bulk loading/importing:

When you press that it will give you the option to save similar to the screen below:

Once downloaded and you open it will look like the sample sheet screenshot shown below:

In order to fill up the sheet please visit the csv filling guide here.

To Bulk Upload the VAPP records once the .csv sheet has been filled:

Once you press that you will get a screen like the one below:

Press on choose file and select the .csv file you have prepared and press ‘run action’ and it will uploaded on to the VAPPS records along with the ones already there.



How to view the number of VAPPS entered in a specific duration: