This is the generic functionality of the returns process, depending on the website the process can be different.

On the Admin Side:

  • The order is authenticated by the payment gateway
  • Once the order is marked as closed
  • The ship date is filled in (the return period specified in admin>tools>main configuration: eg within 14 days)

On the User Side:

  • The user checks the control panel and proceeds to 'order history'¬†
  • Inside the orders (and on the overview table on some sites) there will be a 'return' button if the conditions are met (e.g. order duration less than 14 days.)
  • The user clicks the return button, fills in the form and submits the form
  • The mail is sent to the site admin

On the Admin Side:

  • The admin checks in 'returns' section¬†
  • The list shows all the returns
  • The admin can click on a specific return to view information and carry out actions accept, reject, etc.

If you need further assistance please contact support.